Dance like a local


Tel Aviv’s Pride has a special sound – Mediterranean, rude, bold and fresh.

One day here and you will learn to recognize it and love it.

 Till then, WDG is proud to introduce you to some Israeli hits, all produced by gay clubs and lines especially for pride

turn on the speakers, turn up the volume, release your hips and let the music control your body . trust us. It’s worth it


Blonde & Brunette” by DJ Only featuring Ishtar is the song that was chosen by the city of Tel Aviv to lead its annual Gay Pride events that are placing the bisexual community in the front

The song is performed by the international Israeli recording artist Ishtar, who has released music in Hebrew, French, Arabic and Russian, and won international success with a variety of hits

Start memories the lyrics, because you are going to hear it everywhere


The 2013 hit produced by ‘ARISA’ (mizrachi gay line) became the official song for pride 2013, and the most succesfull pride song till today


The Israeli comedian Ilan peled created Denis for a cereal commercial, the gay community in israel made her a gay icon

PO ZE LO EUROPA (This is not europe) – Margalit Zanani

Another big hit from ‘ARISA’, made to remind us that Israel is not really in europe’ even though we really like to think that way


Israel entry for Eurovision 2015 that conquered gay clubs both in europe abd Israel

EVERYBODY NEEDS A MAN – offer nissim

  The legendary offer Nissim and the song that became an anthem


 MALKAT HASHOSHANIM (queen of roses) – eden ben-zaken

The famous gay bar EVITA’ chose The young singer, discovered in the israeli X-FACTOR, to perform It’s pride song for 2015

KATZEFET IM TUTׂ (cream and strawberry) – dudu aharon

The latest production from Evita bar featuring one of Israel’s top singer

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