LGBT+ Life in India

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Join us for a special conversation about the 2nd populated country in the world- INDIA with Vikramaditya Sahai. We will discuss the Political and Law situation in India for LGBTQ+ people, different Cast structures and how social media affect marginalised communities for the different cultures in the country.

Our mission At straight friendly global is to bring unique and inspiring stories for and about the LGBT communities around the world. Doing so, it gives us a huge privilege to listen and learn about the most interesting milestones throughout the LGBT history from ancient times to our days.

Vikramaditya Sahai (They/Them) a post graduate in political science from University of Delhi. They have previously worked as faculty at the Gender Studies Department, Ambedkar University, Delhi and as a consultant on a project to study non-normative sexuality and gender housed at the Advanced Centre for Women Studies, TISS, Bombay. They are interested in sex, feeling, and the structure and narrative of living in their relation with forms of sociality, law and politics.

A special thank you for FNF India for assisting to the creation of this Episode

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